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This Solar Eclipse will not be visible from India. The Super Blood Wolf Moon is a naturally occuring event which happens as a result of sunlight bending across the Earth and reaching the Moon.

Light bending across corners has been proved in physics and is explained as Refraction. The most known cases of refraction are how a spoon appears to look bent when dipped in water at a certain angle. The event is called Refraction.

Solar Eclipse 12222: Dates, Remedies

The same way when the Sunlight is blocked by the Earth and cannot reach the moon directly, there is also sunlight which bends its path across the atmosphere thus reaching the moon. Follow us on :. The year is an important year for skywatchers because there are five eclipses slated to happen this year. Bharti Airtel raises USD mn from overseas investors. All times are given in local time zones.

The third and final solar eclipse of the year will be a "ring of fire" eclipse on Dec. Skywatchers in other parts of Asia, Australia and Africa will be able to see a partial eclipse.

Solar Eclipse of - Surya Grahan details for New Delhi, NCT, India

During this eclipse, the moon will cross directly in front of the sun. However, because the eclipse occurs just a few days after the moon reaches apogee — its farthest distance from Earth — its apparent size in the sky will be smaller than the sun. This means that it won't block the sun entirely, but it will instead turn the sun into a blazing "ring of fire" from Earth's perspective.

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  • Partial solar eclipse on December 26 12222 (India).

It will begin there at a. Guam will be the last place on Earth to see the eclipse. The island will see the annular eclipse last for more than 3 minutes, and the sun will set before the partial phase of the eclipse has ended. Basic sunglasses, even those with UV protection, will not sufficiently protect your eyes. If you're planning to document the eclipse with any photo equipment, there are special solar filters you can add to make sure the remaining ring of sunlight doesn't take a toll on your vision.

The greatest eclipse is the point where the total eclipse can be observed for the maximum duration.

Information about this eclipse

The green curve with the red central line represents the central line of the solar eclipse. Total solar eclipse can be observed from all points inside this curve which is also known as path of totality.

Annular Solar Eclipse of 26 Dec, 12222 AD

Any location outside this curve would experience only partial eclipse. By clicking on the map, local circumstances of the eclipse can be calculated. All timings in the popup window would be local to the current location of the user. If user's current location is set to some city in India and he clicks on the map to get start and end timings of the eclipse, visible only in Australia, then all displayed timings would be as per Indian Standard Time.

One should change the location to some city in Australia to get local timings of Australia.