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It can manifest itself as spontaniety but if it appears as a temper and is troublesome it should be discouraged. Here is what I learned about myself. I am an inverterate liar. I cannot ever tell the truth about anything. I exxagerate absolutely everything that I say, do, or write.

I cannot form wholesome relationships. I practice deceipt and misdirection in every interaction. I cannot be trusted, nor can I even be passively be present without presenting a substantial physical, mental, emotional and spiritual risk. I do have positive qualities, however. The primary of which is that I have good taste in fashion and entertainment.

It so nailed me! Suzianne Misfit Queen.

CANCER Year of the MONKEY (Yang Fire) Chinese Astrology Horoscope 2016, 2076...

Yeah, it sounds about like what it is. ChessPraxis Cowboy From Hell. Yeah, pretty much: The Meticulous Scorpio Rooster Personality The ancient Chinese illustrated the Rooster as a bright, quick, sociable character who is also a bit of a perfectionist. Those people born in the astrological Year of the Rooster are assumed to gain some of these likeable but fussy characteristics. When the individual concerned is born under the Western Astrology sign of Scorpio these meticulous traits are strong.

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A Scorpio Rooster is great fun to be with and very loving if you can cope with their fastidious side. Their plentiful intelligence, wit and sociability often dominate this finicky mannerism and it more than makes up for their over fussiness. A Scorpio Rooster is a fairly well balanced personality that can get along with most other people. These individuals are affectionate, caring and quite calm, they rarely show mood swings but may appear distant or aloof at times.

Scorpio Rooster's are often extremely organized and many will utilize these skills in professions that require them. These are friendly personalities who are hard working and highly inventive. Many of these Scorpio's may consider self employment as they are inclined to be very good at spotting viable business opportunities. Family is immensely important and special to the Scorpio Rooster and so when they decide to live independently they usually stay nearby. These personalities also value their friends and will show much loyalty towards them. This can cause issues when they embark upon a personal relationship and find that they have to divide and share their time.

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A Scorpio Rooster will sometimes take a lot of convincing to commit to long term partners without the reassurance of still having regular contact with their friends. A Scorpio Rooster benefits greatly from socializing as an escapism from work and the monotonous daily routines of life. They like to have a laugh to best unwind and relax and find their friends fit the bill every now and then. Scorpio Rooster's are sometimes a little bossy, impatient and forceful in their manner but it is usually well intentioned.

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It is just their way of encouraging and motivating others. These conscientious personalities are intelligent and often struggle to understand why everyone is not on the same level intellectually. They are normally excellent at explaining how to do things and can do so in numerous different ways but can occasionally lose their patience. In relationships they will search for partner's that are able to understand their occasional impatience and not let it bother them too much. The Scorpio Rooster's character has a small weakness aside from his over tidiness that can cause him or her issues.

This is the inclination to not know when to give up on something. These people tend to set their goals high often underestimating their ability or available time. Once they begin things a Scorpio Rooster will find it incredibly difficult to stop until they have finished. If they do not manage to achieve a task or ambition in life then they simply keep trying. They have to learn, sometimes the hard way, to differentiate between what is achievable and what is not. Great Big Stees. Originally posted by coquette i had a much better horoscope done. I practice deceipt and misd Then I was spot on in my analysis of your postings.

Liar, liar pants on fire. And it's difficult to say who has what it takes to be more of a researcher, because in many cases they are required to show remarkable skill, precise calculation, perseverance, strong will, and a number of other qualities. In , new horizons will open for each of us, and the more we strive upward, the "bigger and broader" the world will grow around us.

It is not hard to guess that this year will bring about many discoveries in all fields of science. Of course, we need to take into consideration the role of the law of accelerating progress, but it is the year of that will be most crucial in terms of scientific research.

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Speaking of the benevolence of the stars, it is hardly possible to point out the element that will clearly establish its dominate in Each sign of the classical European zodiac system of astrology possesses its own characteristics and features that are worth considering. For example, the signs of the Fire element, which are renowned for their temperament and emotional side, will be surprised to discover new opportunities in front of them, and their psycho-mental emotional energy will receive an additional impulse due to the increased dynamics of the solar energy in allocated to the signs of this group.

To put it simply, if earlier representatives of such signs as Aries, Leo or Sagittarius were the last to "pass out" at a party, now you will literally keep going without stopping. Your life energy will be perpetually upbeat!

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And it has nothing to do with loud music, so no headaches are expected. That being said, it's better to use your new opportunities not for parties, but for something more sensible and rational. The signs of the Water element Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces in will have to go through a series of ordeals; this will apply to the esoteric side of their lives.

You may be able to undergo a rite of passage and you will be entrusted with some secret information or some mystery; the chances are good that in you will be highly likely to fulfill your lifelong dreams. In other words, for the water signs of the zodiac system, it will be a time of understanding, awareness and acceptance of certain hidden knowledge that not everyone is entitled to lay their hands on. Whether it's good or not is up to every individual to decide. It is important to realize that will give everyone almost unlimited opportunities in terms of spiritual progress, but your responsibility increases in direct proportion to the growth of your awareness.

For example, how much responsibility lies on the shoulders of an ant? In fact, a lot, but compared to the Sun the sphere of the ant's responsibility is really insignificant. And it has nothing to do with the fact that an ant is a living being and the Sun is not. These phenomena are of the same order; everything in this world is. However, they are distinguished by different possibilities, which define the scope of their responsibility.

The zodiac signs of the Air element Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius in will clearly experience no problems in their "love life". Of course, everything here is quite individual, and a lot depends on the actual characteristics of the position of this or that zodiac sign. But, on the whole, the sphere of personal relations will be the "strong" side of life of the signs of the air element.

It doesn't mean that you are unlikely to "be caught" while cheating. We are not talking about the indulgence of your "carnal desires", but the harmonious correlation of different facts and situations involving you and your significant other. Perhaps you will encounter some disappointments, but take it easy; everything will happen the way it should. And if you were dumped by your loved one, it's no reason to "grow out your beard", "get down in the dumps", and lose control of your life.

Perhaps you are not the perfect match for each other or